Are you happy?

Isn’t everyone looking for happiness? Why is it that happiness is so important for us?

The society are trying to make us think that quitting is a bad thing. In fact, getting rid of  negative energies that occur in your life on a regular basis can sometimes lead you to happiness. If I´m happy? Yes. Life can be messy and complicated but that is just a part of it. Because sometimes feeling a bit uncomfortable is a part of challenging your self. To change, grow and learn.

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How to be bikini ready

Don’t hate on someone when you see a bikini pic on Instagram because to be honest this isn’t the way to go. There will always be a lot of nudity out there, in fact both you and I get exposed for it everyday. They might seem perfect, even though I think there´s no such thing as perfect. We have to realize that this is only a picture and not the reality. Amazing bodies do exist but good angles, good lighting, filters and photoshop does too. Stop compare yourself with others and start focus on yourself. Feel comfortable in your own skin, that is how you get bikini ready.

Because it´s really this simple: Let go of all the negativity. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I don’t think “dammmn I wanna look like that” anymore. I’ll look for inspiration but that’s a different thing.

Do your own thing and be proud of it.


Be good to yourself and to others.




Waking up. I can see the sunlight peak through the curtain. Sun is out, I can feel it. As I´m waking up I think about yesterday, or the day I have ahead of me. Walking into the kitchen to make coffee. When the first drop of coffee touch my soul an early morning. I love early mornings, it´s just something with the silence. You can see the world at it´s quietest.



So…It´s been a while ago since last time. It´s been a lot of studying and it´s been a lot of partying hehe. Anyways, I really enjoy updating my blog and create stuff so I will try the best I can to keep up.

About a week ago Lise and I went hiking to Seven Falls and it was such a fun hike! I love being out in the nature. In fact, the more challenging, the better. This day we actually went straight from the beach to the mountains. How cool! Do you prefer beaches or mountains?





When everything goes wrong

Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Like someone up above you is testing to see if you really want to have a good day. Today was one of those days.

I woke up super exited and all ready for LA. Then I got a text from Lise. The car we were supposed to rent had to be repaired (what??) so now what? We had to find another car rental, problem solved. Finally on the road, but the aux input didn’t  work so it was bad radio all day. Four Norwegian girls going to the Norwegian seaman church for Norwegian waffles. With our luck it was of course closed, so no waffles for us this time.
Even though it was a rainy day in LA,it was nice to just drive around. We went to the Griffith observatory to get a nice view of the city but it was so foggy that we couldn’t even see a single light. Better luck next time! 

Five guys saved our day, though. Always a good idea with fries u know 😉